Parent Handbook


Admission and Registration

A non-refundable $100.00 Registration fee must be paid at the time of registration. This fee is necessary to cover the cost of supplies and administration. Furthermore, all forms and necessary documentation must be complete prior to first day of attendance. All children registered in this center are subject to a two-week evaluation period. This will ensure that our center can provide your child with an environment appropriate to their needs. If following the evaluation period, we find that our program is not suitable for your child, the month’s balance will be refunded to you, and we will help direct you toward alternative options.

Pro-rated fees

The first month’s tuition will be prorated. Calculation will be made based on an average of 20 days/month.

Waiting Lists

Village Daycare will maintain a working wait list. If we are unable to accommodate your child immediately, we will record your name and contact information. Priority will be given to children moving up from other Village Daycare programs, siblings of children already enrolled in the program, and families living or working in the geographical area. If a spot should open up, wait listed families will be contacted in order of priority.


Village Daycare welcomes visits during daycare hours; however, to ensure that someone is available to show you and your child around, please call in advance to make an appointment. All visitors must check in at the front office before entering the daycare facilities.

Gradual Entry

Gradual entry procedures are available upon request. Please contact centre administration to work out a plan that best suits you and your child.


12 post-dated cheques are required in order to secure registration. Cheques are deposited on the first and 15th of each month, or the following business day if it falls on a holiday. Please note that your child(ren) are not registered until all cheques have been received. There will be a $25 fee for all cheques returned by the bank Not Sufficient Funds (NSF) and a late payment fee of $2 per day will be added to your invoice. Fees are due monthly in full regardless of absence due to illness or vacation.

Government Subsidy

Government Subsidy is available and we will do our best to assist you through the application process. Subsidy rates may vary from month to month depending on attendance. It is the parent’s responsibility to pay the balance of the fees. Parents will be required to pay for childcare in full until subsidy is approved, at which time the retroactive subsidy payment will be applied to the child’s account. No cash refund will be provided.

Forms and Records

It is the parent’s responsibility to notify Village Daycare immediately upon any changes to the information provided at registration. Example: phone number, address, legal guardian rights. . .

Court Custody/ Cost of Care Arrangements

· A copy of any court order or custody restrictions must be given to your child’s Child Care 

Supervisor. This documentation must be kept current. 

· In the case of unresolved custody arrangements, the residing parent of the child and the parent who registers the child will be deemed to be the custodial parent. This parent will be responsible for all childcare costs. Staff will only follow instructions from the custodial parent unless otherwise instructed by court documentation. 

· All payments to the center must be made by the custodial parent. This aids in determining eligibility for childcare subsidy and simplifies the administration process. Furthermore, it is the custodial parent who is entitled to the Tax receipt. If the secondary parent is required to pay a portion of the childcare expenses, payments must be made prior to the calculation of subsidy and paid directly to the custodial parent who will in turn make payment to the center. (It is the qualifying parent alone who is entitled to receive the benefit of subsidy on their portion.) For privacy reasons, the statement will be made available to the custodial parent only. 

Please note: Subsidy will not cover days which the child is absent from the center regardless of whose care he or she is in.

IF both parents apply for subsidy and qualify, based on need for care and financial situation, the base bill will be divided, and subsidy applied to each portion individually based on subsidy arrangements. In this situation two invoices will be issued with both parents responsible for their own parent portion. An administration fee may apply.


Hours of Operation

Hours of operation are 7:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday through Friday. The Center will be closed for all Statutory Holidays as well as pre-determined professional development days and daycare holidays (see Appendix A). Children will not be admitted into the daycare earlier than 7:30 a.m. Our staff is required to be at work 10 minutes prior to the beginning of their shift to prepare for the day. Therefore, even though there is staff inside we ask that you please not try the code until 7:30 a.m. The last shift of the day ends at 5:30. Please arrive before 5:30 p.m. to pick up your child so you will be leaving by 5:30 and that you are not infringing on the personal time of the staff. Should any child be picked up after 5:30, parents will be charged a late fee (see late fee policy below). Please see Appendix A for Daycare Closures

Arrival and Departure

The teachers put a lot of thought and work into your child’s programming; to make it the best it can be. We ask that all children be at the daycare by 10:00 am in order to benefit fully from the program. Late arrivals are very disruptive to the other children and the daily routine. If you know you are going to be late due to a doctor’s appointment, or some extenuating circumstance, you are asked to call the daycare prior to 8:30 am. Unless we hear from you, we will assume your child is absent if not present by 10:00 am and may book your child’s space. If you arrive after this time, and we have not given away your space, you will be billed $5 on your next month’s fees.

Parents are to enter and exit by the main door, which has an access control panel that allows parents to come and go between the hours of 7:30 and 5:30. If ever you don’t have your pass code, you can knock on a window or phone the posted number, and someone will let you in.

Each child will be assigned a cubby in which to keep his/her personal belongings. Parents are asked to assist child (when necessary) as they undress themselves upon arrival, and dress themselves upon departure and to ensure that all their child’s belongings are in their proper place at the start and end of the day. Please help us in keeping our space tidy and clutter free by bringing home wet or soiled clothing daily, as well as your child’s art work, and out of season gear.

Sign in - Each parent/guardian or alternate is responsible for signing their child in, then bringing their child into the supervised area and to a child care worker before they themselves leave the facility. It is at this point that the centre assumes responsibility for your child. This allows children to feel secure, and ensures good communication between caregiver and guardian. Information such as the child’s night’s sleep and morning mood (has he or she had a good breakfast, etc. . .) is helpful for the caregiver to know.

Children will be released from the center only to authorized persons whose names appear on the registration form. If other arrangements are made, Village Daycare must be notified in writing, prior to pick up. Anyone who is picking up a child and is unfamiliar to a staff member must show photo identification before child can be release.

Late Pick Up

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to pick children up by center closing time. In an emergency, you must make arrangements to have the alternate person listed on your registration form pick your child up.

The daycare closes at 5:30. You are free to pick up your child before this time but will be charged a late fee for arriving after 5:30. You will be charged up until the time you leave the building. For example, if you arrive at 5:30 and do not leave the building until 5:45 (as it can take this long to pack up and leave) you would be charged $25.

Late fees are as follows:

5:30 pm – 5:40 pm……$20.00

After 5:40 it will be $1/minute for each additional minute you are late.

If we have not been able to make contact with parents by 6:00 p.m., we will contact the emergency contact person listed on your child’s application form. If the emergency contact persons cannot be reached, Child and Family Services will be contacted and the child will be taken into custody by the appropriate agency.


We ask that you call the daycare by 8:30 a.m. if your child will not be attending. This will help us determine quantities of supplies needed, staffing requirements and whether or not we can accept a drop in child that day. Furthermore, there are times teachers may decide to take the children for a walk so please take into consideration the teachers when it comes to planning their day and call if your child will not be coming in or will be coming in late. A $5 charge will be applied to your monthly fees if a call or e-mail is not made.

Sick Days

Parents are asked to keep their child at home if they are sick. If a child is brought to the daycare and they are sick, the parents/guardian will be contacted to come and pick up their child immediately. You will not be reimbursed for the number of days the child is away sick, and due to ratios you will not be able to “make up” sick time by bringing your child on unscheduled days. For some conditions a medical certificate may be required for re-entrance to the daycare. If a child is sick in the morning they cannot attend in the afternoon.

Please contact the daycare with the nature of your child’s sickness so we will be able to communicate to the other parents and be aware of symptoms should they appear in other children. For specifics on sick days please see the attached Childhood Illness Policy

Parental Access

Parents are both welcome and encouraged to visit the centre at any time, however, it can be difficult for some children to separate from a parent for a second time during the day. The office located at the entrance of the facility is equipped with a two way mirror to allow you to observe your child without disturbing their play and learning.

If you plan on visiting, please let a staff member know and we can prepare your child for the visit and for the good-bye. For example “ Your mom is going to come and have lunch with us, but when lunch is all over, she will have to go back to work and you are going to stay at daycare until the end of the day.” After a few visits, most children do very well with their parents visiting and then leaving.

If you plan to come for a visit and spend any length of time at the center on a regular basis, we require that you complete a criminal record check, as per government legislation.

Release of Children

Please see “Arrival and Departure”


Termination of Services/ Withdrawal

If it becomes necessary to permanently withdraw your child from our center, you must give 30 days written notice from the 1st of the month, or pay one month’s fees in lieu of notice. No refunds will be given. Please note, subsidy will not cover this fee, therefore parents will be responsible for the full month’s amount. If it becomes necessary to terminate services due to breach in contract or unresolvable behavioral issues, Village Daycare will do all that is possible to allow you appropriate time to make other arrangements. If it is not possible to give notice for the safety or protection of the other children, staff or other families, the month’s balance will be refunded to you.

Guidance, Care Plans, and Programming Prevention

  1. Village Daycare will provide a developmentally appropriate environment, as well as a structured routine which helps to eliminate many potential problems. 

2. Village Daycare staff will at all times model exceptional behaviour and children will be encouraged and taught how to respond to situations appropriately. 

3. Village Daycare will set consistent limits and expectations and state these in a clear and positive way, providing simple explanations for the rules in order to assist children to internalize them. 

4. Village Daycare staff will be maintain close proximity to the children at play and will be diligent at all times, attempting to anticipate issues before they occur, and redirect or engage children accordingly. 

5. Village Daycare will encourage good behaviour, and offer reinforcement for children who are providing a positive example for their peers. 

6. Village Daycare will aim to teach children emotive language communication and problem resolution skills in order to encourage the use of verbal conflict resolution. 


1. Village Daycare will employ Natural and Logical Consequences whenever possible. 

For example: “ You are misusing this toy, therefore you will not be permitted to use it for the rest of the day” 

2. Village Daycare staff will facilitate conflict resolution and peer to peer discussion in the case of social related incidents. 

3. Village Daycare staff will use positive language and will state that which they want to see in order that children may learn appropriate behavior. 

4. If a child has persistent behavioural problems, staff will use a variety of guidance strategies, depending on the individual needs of the child. These strategies may include a behaviour management program. Families will be consulted if a child has persistent behavioural problems in the centre that require a consistent, systematic approach. Extra support can be accessed through the Child Development Association for children with emotional and behavioural challenges if families and staff deem it necessary. 

For more in-depth information on guidance strategies used at Village Daycare, please go to the Community Care Facilities website and read through the online booklet entitled “Guiding Children’s Behaviours”.

Care Plans

When a child demonstrates needs which exceed the ability of Village Daycare staff and current program, whether it be due to physical, emotional, developmental, social or behavioral difficulties, parents/guardians will be contacted and referred to appropriate health care professionals. Once a health care professional has diagnosed the difficulty and offered recommendations, parents/guardians and care providers will work together to develop and implement a courses of action.

Careful record will be kept in order to maintain compliance with the care plan, as per government legislation. Care plans will be reviewed at least once a year by staff and parents/guardians.

Addressing All Areas of Development

Village Daycare will address areas of cognitive, physical, emotional, creative, social and spiritual development through guided activities, such as story- telling, music, song and dance, group games, and guided art projects, as well as through independent “free-play” where the children will have the opportunity to exercise their imaginations and curiosity, reflect on their own emotions, play with other children and solve problems. Plenty of time spent outdoors will also assist the children in developing an awareness of themselves and how they interact with others and with their environment.

Supervision/ Ratios

As per government legislation, minimum ratios of 1 staff to 4 children ages 0-36 months and 1 staff to 8 children ages 30 months to school age will be maintained at all times. Because of our philosophy that it takes a village to raise a child, it is our aim to exceed these ratio expectations with the help of qualified volunteers. (Volunteers must qualify under the Criminal Records Review Act.)

Please see Appendix B for program specific schedules, and description of play spaces and physical environment.


Village Daycare provides quality childcare by employing qualified staff that fulfills our expectations regarding program delivery. We hire only those teachers who possess appropriate training and experience and have proven strength of character. All staff will undergo a criminal record check, and reference checks and go through the center’s rigorous training. It is our aim to limit staff turn over in order to ensure quality programming and consistency for the children and families in our care. While we strive to hire staff that is committed to their position, as with any workplace we do experience some staff turnover. We attempt to inform parents as quickly as possible of any changes in staff and ask that parents understand that this is to be expected and that at no time is your child’s care compromised in any way.

In order to stay current, staff is required to continue their education by attending a minimum of 6 hours of workshops per year.

The Centre itself is viewed as an important educator, and we do fulfill requests to host student teachers.

All staff at the daycare is required to sign an agreement that they have read and understood our Guidance policy. This policy outlines the expectations of the Village Daycare staff, particularly how they relate to children. The Staff Manual contains a detailed procedure that will be followed if the Guidance Policy is not adhered to.

Outdoor Play

Children will spend time outside daily unless it is judged unsafe to do, at which point they will be lead in indoor physical activity. Conditions are considered unsafe when “the likelihood of potential ‘hazards’ causing harm to children outweighs the benefits to children. . . and adults are not able to manage this situation to achieve a level of risk that is acceptable.” (Ryder Richardson 2011) Factors which will be considered include: temperature, wind chill, UV index and Air Quality. It is imperative that you provide your child with weather appropriate gear every day.


Families are invited to all of our celebrations and parties. We usually post signs on the bulletin board or leave notes on time clock as notification of these events. If someone in your family is going to

be attending a party (grandparents, aunts or uncles etc.) and you are not, please let staff know that they will be coming.


We Value our relationship and communication with parents, as we work together as partners in the care and formation of your child(ren). Village Daycare aims to facilitate communication in the following ways:

Drop-Ins and Phone Calls

Enrolling parents/legal guardians are welcome to drop in and observe the program at any time. If consultation with a staff member is desired, please let us know ahead of time so that a staff person can give you undivided attention.

Telephone communication is encouraged. Please check with staff regarding mutually convenient


Written Communication

Enrolling parents/legal guardians can expect ongoing communication with staff concerning:

· their child’s progress; 

· program activities; 

· hours of operation 

Center staff will communicate with parents via monthly newsletters, bulletin board postings, and individual communication booklets/ sheets. Furthermore, parents are encouraged to engage one another via our facebook group page.

Family /Staff Meetings and Educational Resources

Enrolling parents/legal guardians can expect family and staff meetings a minimum of twice a year. Enrolling parents/legal guardians can expect relevant family education opportunities to help them understand their child’s development and the program we offer here.

Families can expect information about community resources.

Enrolling parents/legal guardians are asked to make themselves familiar with the Parent’s Handbook that explains the child care program policies and procedures regarding the:

· care of their child; 

· program; and 

· general operation procedures. 

Program Evaluation

Staff welcomes feedback from enrolling parents/guardians on any aspect of the program. Enrolling parents/guardians concerned with care of their child or any incidents in the child care program are urged to speak with staff.

Programs will be evaluated regularly, and in the case of children with special needs, parents and staff will work together to develop and implement an appropriate care plan as is necessary. Please see

“Care Plans”

Health, Hygiene and Safety

 Administration of Medication (See Appendix C for Admin of Medication Form)

To ensure the safe administration of medication, staff will:

1. Have the enrolling parent/legal guardian fill out a written consent form stating: 

· the correct dosage; 

· time to be given; 

· name of medication; and 

· any additional facts, such as possible side effects. 

2. Ensure that medication is clearly labeled and in its original container. 

3. Check expiry dates on the medication. 

4. Maintain a written record of medication administered, stating: 

time and dosage given; and signature of the staff member involved.

5. Return all unused medication promptly to the enrolling parent or legal guardian.

No medication will be given without the written consent of a parent/guardian.

No Over the Counter Medication will be given to the Child unless prescribed by a Doctor

Diapering/Soiled Clothing

All diaper changing will occur in the designated diapering rooms. Potties an/or potty seats for children who are potty training will be available in the diapering room (ages 0-3). Proper sanitation procedures will be followed according to B.C Health Planning “Preventing Illness in Child Care Settings”.

Village Daycare will observe all applicable health and safety procedures when diapering. The use of cloth diapers is both accepted and encouraged. Parents using cloth diapers must provide the daycare with a wet bag, and must take soiled diapers home daily. Soiled diapers/clothing will not be rinsed, rather, they will be bagged immediately in order to reduce hand and surface contact with feces and urine and the resulting spread of germs.

When toilet training, parents and staff will work together to establish a consistent approach. Please ask a staff for our detailed “Potty Learning Policy” our “Potty Learning Checklist” and “potty learning Information Guide”

Toilet Learning Policy (brief)

Learning to use the toilet is a big event in a young child’s life. It is a natural occurrence that most everyone eventually masters. Assisting the child in toilet learning, in a non threatening and positive way, once he or she is interested and ready, helps the child to develop self esteem and independence. Toilet learning should be quick and easy once the child is ready.

Because toilet learning, especially in a group setting, is a complex process, there are many issues caregivers and families must consider before and during the process of toilet learning for it to be a successful experience for everyone.

Caregivers will, as best they are able, attempt to accommodate families views, goals, and toilet learning practices, however, must also consider the well being of the group of children for which they are responsible, including their need for equal attention/supervision, consistency of routine and a hygienic and sanitary play environment.

Nap/Rest Time

Children will be given the opportunity to rest for two hours daily. Each child (3-5)must stay on their sleep cot for a full hour. If at that point they no longer wish to rest, they may play quietly so as to not disturb the other children. Parents are welcome to speak with staff regarding the benefits of naps for young children. Should you wish for staff to limit your child’s day time sleep, please ask for a copy of our Nap/Rest Policy Form.

Childhood Illness

We ask that you please keep your child home if s/he is not able to function properly due to illness, or if their illness puts other children at risk of becoming sick. Some symptoms to look for are:

· Pain - any complaints of unexplained or undiagnosed pain. 

· A common cold with listlessness, runny nose and eyes, coughing and sore throat. Once the child’s temperature, well  being and energy have returned to normal, the child may no longer be  contagious, and may be able to return to the child care facility even though coughing and runny nose may persist. Generally speaking, a person      who catches a cold can spread it to others for one day before symptoms      appear, and about five days after the cold symptoms (above) begin.

· Difficulty in breathing - wheezing or a persistent cough. 

· Fever (1OO degrees F/38.3 degrees C or more)  accompanied by general symptoms such as listlessness or sluggishness may  be an early sign of an illness that requires a doctor’s attention. 

· Sore throat or trouble swallowing. 

· Infected skin or eyes, or an undiagnosed  rash. 

· Headache and  stiff neck (should see physician). 

· Unexplained diarrhea or loose stool (may or may not be combined with nausea, vomiting or stomach cramps). These  symptoms may indicate a bacterial or viral gastrointestinal infection  which is very easily passed from one child to another via the fecal-oral route.      The child should be kept home until all symptoms have stopped. 

· Nausea and vomiting may be early signs of  illness. 

· Severe itching, dry skin of either body or scalp if caused by head or 

· body lice or  scabies.

Please note: if the symptoms (runny nose and eyes, coughing) are caused by a known allergy (e.g. hay fever, asthma) the child is not contagious and

does not have to be kept home.

So that Village Daycare can notify the other families, we ask that parents inform the facility within 24 hours of: 

a) the diagnosis of a serious illness or communicable disease in their child, or 

b) the exposure of their child to a serious illness or communicable disease in any other member of their family. 

For more information on childhood illness, please see A Quick Guide to Common Childhood Diseases :

See also Appendix D

If a child becomes ill while at the centre, the parent(s) will be notified immediately.

Every situation is different, but we tend to use the following criteria to determine if a child needs to be sent home:

1. The illness prevents the child from participating comfortably in our daily routine and activities. 

2. The illness results in a greater need for care than the child care staff can provide without compromising the health and safety of the other children. 

3. A fever is present 

4. The child has vomited 

If the parents and emergency contacts can not be contacted, or arrangements for pick up can not be made within an hour of notification, parents will be charged an additional $20/hour in order to pay an extra staff member to tend to the child.

A child sent home ill, must remain away from the center for the rest of the day as well as the following dayto allow the child to rest, recuperate, and reduce the likelihood of them passing the illness to other children or Staff. If a child receives a doctor’s note saying that the child is not contagious and that they are physically able to fully participate in program, they may be allowed back into program earlier. 

Biting (brief)

Our program recognizes that biting is, unfortunately, not unexpected when toddlers are in group care. We are always upset when children are bitten in our program, and we recognize how upsetting it is for parents of both the bitten as well as the biter.

While we feel that biting is never the right thing for toddlers to do, we know that they bite for a variety of reasons. Most of these reasons are not related to behavior problems. Our program, then, does not focus on punishment for biting, but on effective techniques that address the specific reason for the biting, and instruct the child on better approaches for the future. We exclude children from the program only as a last resort, following an ongoing and persistent biting episode, should it be determined that the biting is associated with a behavioral problem which results in an unsafe environment for other children

Child Abuse

Please note that if we suspect a child is being abused or neglected, or if a disclosure is made, we are required by law to report this to the Ministry of Children and Families. Please note, depending on the nature of the report, for the integrity of the investigation, parents may not be notified prior to report being made.

Parent/Guardian Unfit for Pick Up

In the event that a parent should appear to be impaired when arriving at the center to pick-up a child, the following steps shall be taken:

The staff in charge will direct the parent into the hallway and away from all of the children. The parent will then be asked if they have been drinking, using narcotics, on medication or are a diabetic.

If the parent denies any of the above, but the staff are still unsure about their condition, the parent will be told that we will be more than happy to call an alternate person or a taxi cab to come and get them.

If a parent is not co-operative, they will be warned that the RCMP will be contacted as well as the Ministry for Children and Families as soon as they leave the premises.

*Please note that a parent does not have to have consumed drugs or alcohol in order to be intoxicated. A parent may be having a reaction to medication, cough syrup or be a diabetic.


Village Daycare requires that all parents sign the Emergency Consent Form. In case of an emergency (medical/dental), the family doctor/dentist and/or the nearest hospital emergency center will be called. Parents will be contacted immediately.

In case of injury to your child while in the care, custody or control of the center, all claims against Village Daycare will be waived, in excess of public liability insurance carried by the center.

In the case of minor injuries, all incidents are recorded in the center’s incident report book, and Parents will be notified verbally or via the communication sheet/ timeclock notes function.


Parents are required to keep their child’s immunization records current. We understand that not all parents choose to have their children immunized, however, please note that unimmunized children may be excluded from the program in times of communicability for their safety and for the safety of others.

Children must remain away from the center for 4 hours following Immunization to ensure that that are able to fully participate in the Center programming


All parents are asked to sign the consent to picture taking form at registration. Pictures taken by Village Daycare staff will be used for the following purposes.

· Scrap books and year books 

· Newsletters 


· Children’s files 

· Parent Bulletin board 

· Place mats/ craft projects 

Other daycare families may take pictures of the children on the occasion of a celebration or special visit. Also Early Childhood Education students (ECE) may come by the daycare to run a special program and will take pictures of the activities as a way to review and evaluate the experience.

If your child’s picture is to be taken for any reason other than those stated above, a special consent form will be sent home.

The following conditions will be observed at all times:

· The identity of children and families may not be disclosed by those who are taking the images. Children and families’ confidentiality must be protected; 

· Image-taking of children in a state of distress or incomplete attire is prohibited; 

· The final decision to permit image-taking will be made by the senior day care staff based on the interest of the children; 

· All images taken by people who are not parents or day care staff will become the property of Village Daycare. 

What to Bring and What to Leave at Home


· Minimum of 2 complete changes of clothes (including underwear, socks, shirt, pants) 

· Weather appropriate outdoor wear (rain coat/splash pants, sun hat, winter gear including multiple pairs of mittens) 

· Outdoor play shoes (please avoid flip flops as these can be dangerous for active play) 

· Slippers with rubber sole (Children are asked to change into their indoor footwear upon arrival to cut down on dirt brought in from outside. This will help to keep the environment clean and safe as well as protect feet in case of fire or drill) 

· Toothbrush/toothpaste 

· Blanket/sleep sack and cuddly for rest time (infants) 

· SPF 15 or higher Sunscreen (scent free) 

· Bike helmet (during bike riding season) 

· Healthy lunch and snacks 

· Diapers and diapering supplies if applicable 

· Formula or breast milk and bottles if applicable 

*All items must be labeled with your child’s name. Please ask staff about our ongoing “Mabel’s Labels”


Leave at Home

· Dress cloths/inappropriate attire (Village Daycare assumes no responsibility for clothing getting stained within the normal confines of the daily activities. 

· Toys 

· Money 

· Valuables 

· Unhealthy snacks 

· Soda and juice 

· Gum 


Emergency Plan

Building Evacuation: If it becomes necessary to evacuate the building, all staff and children will meet in the parking lot for a head count. If it is unsafe to re-enter the building, we will all relocate to Raymer Elementary School, and contact parents to arrange pick up. Evacuation drills will be arranged monthly. Backpack containing first aid supplies, emergency supplies and emergency contact cards will be with the group at all times.

Neighborhood Evacuation: If it becomes necessary to evacuate the neighborhood, center staff and children will relocate to Mission Park Shopping Center, at which point parents will be contacted to arrange pick up. Backpack containing first aid supplies, emergency supplies and emergency contact cards will be with the group at all times.

Community Evacuation: If it becomes necessary to evacuate the area within walking distance, pre-screened, neighboring volunteers will be contacted, and children and staff will be transported in staff and volunteer vehicles to Ridge View Evangelical Missionary Church at 1097 Hollywood road in Rutland. Upon arrival, parents will be contacted to arrange pick up. Backpack containing first aid supplies, emergency supplies and emergency contact cards will be with the group at all times.

Missing Children: If a child goes missing from the daycare center, parents as well as police officials will be notified immediately. A current photo of each child, along with their personal

information, will be kept at the daycare in order to facilitate police action and activation of an amber alert.



Village Daycare encourages parents to follow the Canadian Food Guide when packing their child’s lunch. This allows the child independence in making healthy choices. Please avoid sugary snacks and drinks.

Snacks/ Lunches

On top of lunch, snack time will occur twice a day. No food will be prepared on site. Please pack an ice pack to keep cold foods cold, or a thermos to keep hot foods hot. It is the parent’s responsibility to send their child to daycare with healthy food options. In the case of special celebrations or food related activities only, Village Daycare will provide lunch and/or snacks. Parents will be made aware of these occasions in advance by use of our “Special Treat Permission Form”.

Snack/lunch is a social time for the children and staff. Children will be encouraged to participate and remain at the table for the duration of snack/lunch time, but at no time will they be forced to eat or have food withheld as a form of discipline

Staff will:

· Observe Food Safe procedures at all times 

· Ensure children wash their hands before eating snack; 

· Guide children in selecting healthy choices first, 

· Use this time to sit down with the children and develop etiquette and social skills. 

Forgotten Lunches/ Snacks

In the event that a lunch is forgotten, Village Daycare will provide a nutritious lunch taking into account any food allergies, and insuring that it is in accordance with the Canadian Food Guide. Parents will be advised of all food and drink given to their children. A $10 fee in addition to the cost of the lunch will be charged to the child’s monthly invoice.

In the event that insufficient amount of food is provided, Village Daycare staff will supplement with a healthy snack. A $3 fee will be charged to the account.


Each parent/guardian can assist the staff in providing the best care possible for their children in the following ways:

a) Bring your child to the centre by 10:00 for full participation in the a.m. activity 

b) Call or email the centre before 8:30 am of your child will not be attending or will be arriving late. 

c) Each morning, help your child as he/she undresses, put his/her shoes away, and bring him/her to a staff member in the activity area. Provide a staff member with any relevant information for your child’s care.

d) Sign your child in at drop off and out at pick up. 

e) Arrive to collect your child early in order to spend some time with your child in the center, see what they are involved in and allow your child time to put toys away in the evening. 

f) Take home soiled clothing each evening and restock/ return daycare clothing on your child’s next scheduled day. 

g) Make sure you bring in diapers, sunscreen and other supplies when they are requested of you. 

h) If someone other than yourself is picking up your child, inform the centre as soon as possible. The person must be on the authorization to pick up list. 

i) Be sure that you child is adequately dressed for outdoor play each day. 

j) Take you child's artwork home at least once weekly. 

k) Be sure that your child's name is on each article of clothing and lunch container. 

l) Ensure all fees are paid in full and on time. 

m) Ask lots of questions! We want you to be involved in your child’s care and development. 

Fee Summary

Registration fee Monthly tuition

$25 check returned NSF $2/day late payment fee

$5 for unreported absence/ late arrival $2/diaper provided by center

$2/sunscreen application provided by the center $3/snack provided by center

$10 + cost of food for lunch provided by the center $20/hour for failure to pick up sick child

$20 for care between 5:30 and 5:40

$1/per minute interval after 5:40